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All rated pg-13 unless otherwise stated. Only completed fics have been added - please browse the unfinished tag for the rest.

Super Junior


Super Junior '05 comes to an end quietly and with a small concert for the most dedicated fans.

this is a call to arms; everyone goes off to the army eventually. youngwoon is the first one. (rated r)



Ten years down the track, he's gone from consumer to developer, watching the progress of the virtual world move from pure sound and sight to incorporating the smell of woodfire smoke and the cold touch of snow.

Kyuhyun's always liked maths, and especially geometry.

Kyuhyun sprains his finger trying to catch an apple and the world deteriorates into chaos.

Zhou Mi

Donghae/Zhou Mi friendship, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi friendship: "I can seduce hats."


The rumours are true.

He's heard music he would have never heard otherwise, experienced music he'd never known existed and met people he's sure he'd never known outside this underground music scene.


In years, Donghae will know how he will feel. He will know how he will regret what is about to NOT happen and what he is about to NOT do. (wod)

oraeyo (take 2); It's the first interview in a while, and they've been to enough to know the questions, to know how to smile and which camera's on.

Han Geng

He just wants some sleep.



It's not a secret, or at least a well kept one, that he does enjoy the occasional smoke now and then.

lapslock; being on stage is the worst; on stage is when the pangs hit hyukjae hardest and he's left gripping his microphone, almost breathless with the sudden urge to just reach over and touch donghae's wrist, to see the smile turn his way and mutter a small, "hyuk?"

The first day is more boring than he remembers. At least before he could distract himself with staring at one spot for the rest of his life, but now it's just. He has to keep still. It's boring. (wod)


He walked the grey between of best friend and something more.

How does it feel to abandon us?

if there were a yesterday; In a nutshell, Heechul time travels.

titanic!au; Heechul watched as the boy picked the ball, looked around, and began to descend quickly before Heechul jumped the railing and landed heavily in front of him.

a world where hanchul never existed; Hankyung sees Heechul everywhere and so often that by the time he clasps a shoulder, "I'm sorry, I've got the wrong person," is already halfway out of his mouth before he recognises the wide eyes.

"You know something," Hankyung said as he chewed on a straw, can long empty.


Kyuhyun has the rather unglamorous job of collecting shopping trolleys from around the city in the dark hours of the night/morning and returning them home.

But Kyuhyun doesn't answer. At least not yet. Donghae waits for Kyuhyun to become alive, for Leeteuk to fix the parts and mend the body. It'll take time, but Donghae knows that this will be worth it. (wod)


all thing's stable, all about us; They meet, of course, by an official's words, some manager that Sungmin hasn't met or seen before, but will come to know. (rated r)

"That's morbid, hyung," Kyuhyun says.


Hyukjae's folding a small piece of paper, his fingers unwieldy as he fumbles and attempts to make the creases creases and not wrinkles.


Sungmin finds that he looks forward to Donghae's visits, and Sooyoung kindly points out that he is head over heels.

distance makes the heart grow fonder; "I don't believe in long distance relationships," Sungmin says abruptly when they're out drinking, twirling his straw. (rated r)

white day; When Donghae gives him a white ribbon on white day in March, hands catching on the slight kinks before he turns and walks out, Sungmin is dumbfounded.

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi

Kyuhyun enjoys scary stories because he knows they're not real, that they can't be real and that the supernatural is just a lie told up to scare kids into submission.

Look I'm just writing to you as a requirement for my degree, so it's okay if you just reply with one word or whatever, okay?


Heechul's the only one who faithfully gives him CDs without Sungmin asking, and Sungmin feels like he has to repay him somehow, but already the clock is running out.

It's nearing midnight on Heechul's birthday, ten minutes and five seconds to go as Sungmin watches the clock, when Heechul stumbles into the living room.


do you like me? check yes or no.

Heechul/Zhou Mi

Heechul finds Zhou Mi endlessly fascinating.


Ten years down the track, after Super Junior (and Super Junior H and Super Junior T and Super Junior M and Super Junior KRY), Sungmin opens a hair salon. Ryeowook is his first customer.

They gamble with chores.

A phone call was never good news, not one that was loud and obnoxious at 11pm, disturbing grateful bodies falling into sleep.


Ryeowook dreams sometimes.

"I have to go to work now," Yesung whispers somewhere around Ryeowook's ear, kisses a cheek and goes on his way.

i live in a city sorrow built; post!disbandment, ryeowook and yesung live a quiet life together, removed from the greater world. (light nc-17, warnings: dark, allusions to sex, dub-con)


Yesung/Hyukjae: "Your ass is too big," Hyukjae says as he slowly pushes the swing back and lets it rock forward again.

Kyuhyun/Ryeowook: There's a slight disturbance in the quiet of 3AM, something like a knee being bumped into a coffee table, an expletive expressed and then a muffled "owwie."

Kyuhyun/Donghae/Hyukjae/Sungmin: Baking a cake.

Kangin/Zhou Mi: Kangin is honest. When drunk, he is brutally honest and he makes sure Zhou Mi knows it.

Yesung/Donghae: Here is a little to well-known fact: everyone loves Donghae.

no other verse

Heechul/Hyukjae: Hyukjae's interrupted by someone entering the store, and he plasters on a smile, dipping his head.

Sungmin/Ryeowook: There's this boy in Sungmin's music class, though that isn't a great indicator since his class is made up of fifteen boys.

Kyuhyun/Yesung: Kyuhyun isn't one for extravagant displays of affection, but his boyfriend apparently is.


band!fic, mentions of jongyu: "I've decided what I want for Christmas," Jonghyun says a week before said special day, a gleam in his eye.

Minho as Gu Junpyo: Minho's brooding in his favourite staircase, as he usually does when (one of) his favourite hyung(s) leaves to go to Paris or Tokyo or New York or some other foreign place because he can't leave since there's some stupid institution called school. (warning: ridiculous amounts of insanity)

Onew/Minho: On their first date, Jinki brings along a thick wad of printed paper, and Minho squints at the title.


band!fic: "Is this the warm welcome I get from my bandmates? After six months overseas? Guys, stop, the amount of emotion is too much for my fragile self, after being separated from you guys for half a year. I miss you sooooo much!"

Luna-centric: Smile, is what she's told. You've got a pretty face, an alright body and a nice voice. What wins people over is your looks and nothing else. You can sing, and that might help, but what it boils down to is your face.


band!fic: It's a completely boring, normal day in the life of a -- not failed, Yonghwa likes to insist, but definitely not successful, Jonghyun says back -- Korean rock band, the three of them sitting in the chairs of the konbini, waiting for their instant ramen to cook.

Running Man

Gwangsu/Jihyo: Jihyo likes being spoilt -- ask any girl the same and they'd agree: being spoilt is the best.

Gwangsu/Jihyo: They've all congregated in someone's apartment after another filming, some of them falling asleep on the couch, and Jaesuk and Sukjin cuddling in the single bed.


Super Junior/SHINee


The first encounter should've sent up warning signals in Kyuhyun's head. But instead, he's just staring in horror at the bunny the customer's carrying, molting goddamn fur everywhere.

The next time is on some radio show, where Jonghyun tries to creep up on Kyuhyun and pull his shirt up, just the slightest bit.

Super Junior/SNSD


It was, in some ways, a coincidence, they met.

Super Junior/f(x)


Contains Amber/Heechul: "You remind me of Donghae," Heechul said as he pushed Amber against a wall and towered over her.

"So, like, I heard you like me," Amber says nonchalantly, and Henry carefully puts his phone down.

"I wish I had a fan like that," Sulli sighs forlornly, looking at Henry decked out in his usual gear, though this time his black umbrella has been traded for a bright pink one with Hello Kitty and Doraemon mating in the most PG-13 way possible.


Zhou Mi/Victoria: "Korea will be an adventure," the boy beside her says with sparkling eyes.

Hankyung/Heechul/Amber: "Hey, my friend from Korea's coming over. Hope you don't mind."

Super Junior/DBSK


"How I see it," Sungmin says casually as he drags his chopsticks through his noodles. "Is that sometimes you have to let go of people who might've changed, who aren't friends anymore. People change, and friendships have to change because of that."

"So, I'm kind of in love with my best friend," Hyukjae says quietly, face downturned.


four seasons!au: When someone mentions 'summer,' Heechul doesn't think of the beach and ice cream. To him, summer is relentless and painful, three months of pure heat.



Jinki is all about earnestness and being eager but still a gentleman.

"It's time to call in a professional," Minho said, and took out his phone.


They meet at the top of Tokyo Tower or something clichéd like that, because they were made for beautiful romances and happy endings.

"Morning!" The boy tips his cap slightly and holds out a clipboard. "Sign for a delivery?"


a verse in love; Jonghyun would much rather be outside, soaking up the sun's rays and maybe dodging Minho's soccer ball, but instead he's nursing his rather Epic Crush on a certain blond soprano in Jinki's choir.

The fridge magnets are Key's own little Scrabble board; whenever he's waiting for something to heat up in the microwave, for water to boil, an egg to be cooked, he arranges the letters around to whatever he's feeling.


Key/Seohyun: "So I heard a little something about a certain someone liking a certain maknae in a certain girl group," Jonghyun says he leisurely drapes himself over Kibum, who's trying to beat Minho at digital tennis, the only sport he sucks at.

SHINee/Running Man

all's fair in running man, Onew and Minho with Running Man cast, mentions of Haha/Jihyo: "Is it like that every week?" Jinki asks, incredulous as they pop running balls into the lottery machine.

DBSK/Epik High

second-person narration, anyband!au, Junsu/Tablo: He leads you up to the roofs of abandoned buildings, the familiar air of marching feet and an oppressing silence burning in your ears.


Leeteuk/Sulli, Sungmin/Sooyoung, Henry/Amber: The 11th of July is dubbed Truth Day, because someone spills Truth Serum into Seoul's water supply and it'll take a day to wash it out.


all below were written for fic challenges/exchanges and are probably the only fics here of a decent length


@ kpop_olymfics
science and faith
Tiffany is about to be accepted into SME and Girls' Generation, but the company is more underhanded than she thinks. (Tiffany-centric, band!fic)
Contains: religious references
The first rule in entering the company had been clear; Your first and foremost concern is SM Entertainment.

Ever since Chansung can remember, he's been able to smell people. (Chansung-centric, band!fic)
The first smell Chansung remembers is his mother's.


@ kpop_ficmix
a formula for how to deal
Taemin's in the facility, living as he always has. That is, before Jonghyun comes and tries to help him. (Taemin-centric, Jonghyun/Taemin and Taemin/Key interaction)
Warning: swearing and (very light, imagined) sexual situations
There used to be a pretty girl who Taemin liked, though she didn't care much for him.

meddling 101
That conversation was the start of it all; now all that's left is for them to get together -- says Super Junior. (Hyukjae-centric, Hyukjae/Taeyeon)
''You were stuck awfully close to Taeyeon tonight,'' Jungsu says in the van on the way home, head tipped back and eyes closed.

ot3 big bang

@ troisbang
come back home (someone's been missing you)
Sungmin grows up on an island with two other boys. (Hyukjae/Donghae/Sungmin)
Warning: (minor character) death
part 1
part 2

crossover big bang

@ crossover_bbang
the fallout
Best friends aren't meant to mean anything more than that. (Jonghyun/Kyuhyun, Jonghyun/Zhou Mi)
Rated: r
Warning: (brief) sex scenes
part 1
part 2


@ kpopvalentines
Super Junior/the TRAX (Heechul/Jay)
originally for firequakes
When Heechul comes to Jay with a certain smile and an already opened bottle of whiskey, Jay knows it's going to be one of those nights.

YGE (Se7en/Taebin (1TYM))
originally for cranperryjuice
"Hello?" Dongwook says into the phone when he's in the hallway, wondering if it's a telemarketer, his mother or god forbid, a fan.

fics posted at fandom_mule

really old fics that have been reposted here and were originally posted at fandom_mule

Super Junior
hyukmin #1
haemin, second person narration
KRY's hunger woes
KRY; "cooking woes"
kyuwook; why are you leaving first
sungmin; the beginning
minry, only!13
hanchul, lapslocked
disbanding at 10
han geng's thoughts
best friends; hyukmin
hyukmin; sungmin's insecurities
conflict of interest; kyumin, ooc sungmin
sungmin's composing
hyukhae's consequences of a clean room

sci-fi - band!fic
amber, kryber
amber; scifi
luna; ballet

Super Junior/the TRAX
sungmin/jungmo; hairdresser


Not Fic

Anonymous Feedback Survey
Hyukjae/Sungmin Pimp Post at washboarddino

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