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"Girls don't count," Jonghyun says laughingly as he nuzzles her neck. "Just like guys don't count for me."

"Really, oppa," Krystal says as she tilts her head to the side, closing her eyes. "Girls don't count?"

"Just as long as I get to watch," Jonghyun says and his breath is warm on her neck, his laughter fanning across her skin, and she grins.

"Of course, oppa."

Girls don't count, Krystal repeats as she downs another shot of soju and grabs at Sulli's wrist.

"You're drunk," Jinri says, and she's amused, but she doesn't stop Krystal when she leans in, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted.

"Jinri," she says softly, voice crystal clear. "Tell me when to stop."

But Jinri doesn't say anything when Krystal kisses her lightly, chaste at first, small kisses trailing across her check and down the length of her neck, slight nibbles when Jinri doesn't pull away.

"What about Jonghyun?" Jinri says softly when Krystal shifts closer, both their eyes closed.

"Girls don't count," Krystal says and pushes Jinri down.

Girls don't count, Krystal repeats when Victoria takes her out clubbing, music loud and obnoxious, bodies grinding on the floor. Here, everyone is nameless and faceless, and Victoria always took care of them, knew what they needed most.

"Enjoy yourself tonight," Victoria says, and pushes Krystal towards the dance floor. "f(x)'s Krystal doesn't exist tonight, just have fun."

"Fun?" Krystal repeats, and smiles as she grabs Victoria's hand. "It isn't fun without unnie."

Victoria doesn't protest when Krystal drags her into the midst of the crowd, bodies pressed skin to skin, articles of clothing only a formality. Everyone is the same here, and Krystal pays heed to this, dances to the beat, tugs Victoria close and puts her arm around Victoria's neck.

They dance, pressed so tightly together that Krystal isn't sure if they're two separate people anymore. She struggles for breath at some points, the air thick and filled with the smell of people, the heavy bass and beat the only things she can process, and she leans up onto her toes, and Victoria can't move back, can only shift slightly when Krystal presses a kiss to Victoria's exposed collarbone. Krystal can feel Victoria's throat vibrate under her lips and she sucks lightly, and she can feel Victoria's gasp, but Victoria doesn't try to push her back, only pulls her closer.

But Krystal can vaguely make out the word Victoria's trying to sound out as Victoria squeezes Krystal's arm hard, twice.


Krystal just shakes her head, once, almost imperceptive in the darkness.

Girls don't count.

Krystal walks in on Jonghyun sucking Minho's dick once, on his knees, right before a performance. Minho had frozen still, hand stilled in Jonghyun's mussed hair, and Jonghyun had stopped right after, turning around slightly, but hands still splayed on Minho's hips, fingertips digging in.

She could see the look in his eyes, the slightly defiant tilt of his jaw -- filled with cock as it was -- and his slightly narrowed eyes.

"Guys don't count, right?" she said breezily, even though she felt the bottom of her stomach grow cold.

Jonghyun hummed, Minho bucked, and Krystal left the room, silent, before slamming the door, loud.
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