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the stick man.
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12 31 11 - 124.
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I would like to say this image inspired a lot of it -- his clothes anyway.
(I should also say this was basically written for Jeny, the most vocal onho shipper I know ♥)


devil wears prada!auCollapse )
12 29 11(no subject)
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Total number of completed stories: 36
Total word count: 60~70k maybe?
Fandom breakdown: Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), 2PM, Running Man, CNBlue, YGE, the TRAX

:)Collapse )
12 29 11 - 123.
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remix of canttakeabreath's icarus though i hesitate to call it a remix - can be read as a standalone, i only stole, like, one line. fluttershy and puppy ♥


Donghae's father owns the shop, and teasingly tells him that it must be in the blood.Collapse )
12 28 11 - 122.
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I signed up for kpop_rarepairs earlier this year but it fell through and I never managed to finish the fic. Originally for _harmlessthings, this is very, very ridiculous, and minyoung. She wanted all possible tropes ("everyone thinks they're dating / their fellow bandmates play yenta") and it was so much fun to write, and I'm sorry I didn't finish :( ♥


Chunji is a weird environment to get to know someone else in.Collapse )
12 26 11 - 121.
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Title: ORAEYO (take 2)
Rating: pg
Pairing/Focus: donghae-centric, lots of platonic hyukhae
Summary: now that leeteuk, yesung and heechul are gone, someone else has to take the reins as leader. donghae just wishes eunhyuk would take a breath, once in a while.
A/N: a remix of canttakeabreath's fic, ORAEYO! thank you to els for letting me remix it ♥ it was way too much fun not to, even if it wasn't for any competition or exchange :) (i think you can read it as a standalone but i would recommend you read the wonderful original first.)

It's the first interview in a while, and they've been to enough to know the questions, to know how to smile and which camera's on.Collapse )
12 23 11 - 120.
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Title: Meddling 101
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hyukjae-centric (Hyukjae/Taeyeon)
Summary: That conversation was the start of it all; now all that's left is for them to get together -- says Super Junior.
Notes: Thank you to my beta, you know who you are ♥ To my remixee: I hope you like it! :)

This was written for kpop_ficmix where I remixed bollywoodrecord's fic, Singing and Dancing originally posted here - thank you for letting me remix it! :) Thank you to everyone who held my hand, and Dana in particular for reading over this and reassuring me that they weren't too out of character ♥
(advised you read the original first since this is a continuation of it - there have been minor changes to the one posted at the official comm.)


''You were stuck awfully close to Taeyeon tonight,'' Jungsu says in the van on the way home, head tipped back and eyes closed.Collapse )
12 15 11 - 118.
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completed the 10 song meme challenge according to my itunes and the awesome threesome, hyukhaemin ♥ with thanks to angie to listening to jo and i whine while we did this :) unedited (besides spelling mistakes) in accordance to the meme's rules.


songmemeCollapse )
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